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I'm baaaaack!

2017-06-29 08:28:20 by ParadoxVatriox

Hey there, -insert Newgrounds username here-! After another long silence from Newgrounds, I'm finally back again making music, and I've uploaded a couple songs which you can go check out if you want *wink wink nudge nudge*. Also, I'm doing something to give back to the users of NG. If you have a game/movie you'd like me to test out/watch, please link it in the comments below. I will leave a comment on every single one with an honest rating. So with all that being said, feel free to leave a comment, and as always I hope you have a great day!

-ParadoxVatriox / Vatriox  

Good news, everyone!

2016-12-30 00:46:36 by ParadoxVatriox

After a long silence, I'm finally back; and with 2 new songs! If you'd like, go check them out! They're titled, "Mystic" and "Memories". That's all for right now, I hope you have a wonderful day!


Moar Good News!

2016-03-06 12:18:43 by ParadoxVatriox

The guy, Jesse, over at JUUQ Labs PM'ed me back today, and they will be using "Oblivion", and "Rise Of The Fallen (Final Version)", and an upcoming loop I will make for the main menu and such. So excited for the game to come out!

Good News, Everyone!

2016-03-04 21:33:11 by ParadoxVatriox

My music is going to be used in Mayhem Mountain Bike Racing for iOS! So far the only track of mine that is being used is "Oblivion" but the guys at JUUQ Labs that PM'ed me about it said they might use more music of mine! I feel accomplished. I'll update this news post once more details come my way. PM me if you want to be notifed when I update this news post. 

(Mayhem Mountain Bike Racing is not yet available for Android devices. Mayhem Mountain Bike Racing is to be submitted into the iOS App Store this coming Tuesday, March 7th, and spectulated to come out a couple weeks after that. Also, this news post is not sponsored.) 

This is a real problem.

2016-03-02 16:36:29 by ParadoxVatriox

All over Newgrounds, people are putting their time and effort to good use to later publish what they worked on to Newgrounds, only to come back later after the project is published to find nothing but 2 star and 1 star votes and comments that are hurtful, demoralizing, sarcastic and just flat out stupid. Then the people that post the comments are like, "It's just constructive critisism," when they don't give advice for what they could do better! These people here at Newgrounds are here to express themselves and receive positive reinforcement! Now people who actually vote fairly and give legitimate constructive critisism, I have no problem with, but it's just these people who only here to hurt and demoralize others who themselves are the problems here. They'll find maybe 1, 2, or maybe even 3 things in a submission that could easily be fixed by PM'ing the publisher so they know to fix it, but no. What they do is vote 1 star through the rating system, and then leave a comment with 1 star attached to it with some comment that just completely destroys the publsiher of the project emotionally and/or mentally. People that do this kind of stuff here and Newgrounds either need to change your ways, or leave Newgrounds. If you're just going to worsen a problem for someone rather than try to help them fix it, it's off to the Dumping Grounds with you. It's that simple.

10 fans or none at all, thank you so much for propelling me forward in my music and being there for me. Thank you all so much for a fantastic 2016 so far, and with that I wish you the greatest of days. Cheers!


-Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                           ParadoxVatriox

Getting Into Video Game Music

2016-01-03 14:09:50 by ParadoxVatriox

Hello again everyone! It feels SO good to be back. As some of you know I have released a new song called "Into The Unknown". If you haven't heard it yet, head to my profile to check it out! Anyway, I have decided that I want to make game developers on NG to make their games come to life by creating video game music. I have made one song for video game music so far called "Exploration". There is a 16-bit version and a rock version if you want to check those out. PLEASE NOTE: I am a beginner in video game music, and my strong suit is aimed more towards dubstep, EDM, and electro music. If you're working on a project and happen to stumble across this and want to give me a shot, send me a personal message, or comment on this news post! I read each and every one. I think that's it for this news post, thank you so much for reading this, and I hope you have a fantastic day!  :)

-Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                            ParadoxVatriox

(Another) NEW SONG!

2015-11-24 20:31:01 by ParadoxVatriox

I HAVE MADE ANOTHER SONG. I won't upload it to NG unless I get 3 comments that oppose my decision. The title is "Vertigo". If you want to influence your decision, check out my newer music, and come back and say "Yes", "No", or whatever you wanna say. This is Newgrounds. Do whatever the hell you want. See you in the comments!


-Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                           ParadoxVatriox


2015-11-23 18:26:50 by ParadoxVatriox

Hey guys, ParadoxVatriox here with another update about my YT channel! As of right now, we have 5 subs, and I'm starting to recieve views from females now. The number of views on my videos go up every single day, and I can not thank those people enough. There is a button you can click that will link you to my YT channel on my NG profile page. Become a part of of the Gamer Rebellion by subscribing! (I will be uploading Xbox 360 gameplay as soon as I can!) Also, there is a BO2 clip rendering at the moment, and I expect it will be up withing the hour. So until next time, I'm out!

A pic of my face!

2015-11-20 17:39:43 by ParadoxVatriox

5 Lucky commenters will get a PM of a picture of my face! I have not revealed my face yet, so, leave a comment if you're interested! :D